Man, Dog, Boat

Three mysterious characters - what's their story? What's your story?

Start by asking yourself some questions...

Who is the man and who is the dog?
Are they friends?
Are they alone in the boat?
Are they rowing from somewhere or to somewhere?

- Create pictures and stories about the characters and their adventures
- Brainstorm with friends or family
- Add to our on-going collaborative story

If you like, you can also enter your stories into Gasworks Arts Park's 'Man, Dog, Boat' Story Exhibition' as part of the National Year of Reading. Find out more here.

We have come up with some helpful tips to help you get started...

Fresh Ideas!

  • Heard about Red Dog, who travelled all over Australia to find its master? Is this the dog in the boat?
  • What about the Tea Brand Twinings - it looks like they used this project as inspiration for their new advertisement!

Formats and genres you could consider working in:

A single illustration
A short story
A story without words
A poem or play - try concrete poetry and make the layout of the poem look like the sculpture
A comic book or graphic novel (just like Andrew
A flip book
A sequence of photographs
A video or animation
An audio response - oral story telling
A sculptural piece
Make illustrations out of shadows and silhouettes