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  • Remember a story is not always linear. You can add to it at any point. Before what's written, in the middle, or even write a whole section just about a character, event or feeling - ENJOY! was a blustering, icy morning at St Kilda Pier...

and a small wooden boat sat bumping up and down in the ferocious wind. In the boat sat a dog and a man. The man was young and handsome with hair that shimmered gold in the early morning sun. His name was Davie. The dog was proud and well trained.Her name was Sun and they were quite the pair.

external image michigan%20dog%20bite%20attorney.jpg

The dog was looking eagerly across the shore as if he was looking for something to brighten up the dreary bay.The man despite his beauty, was looking sad. (October 18th).

He took the oars in his hands, one long deep breath and leaned forward, both oars stretched back behind him, just above the water. The dog looked back excited and the boat began to move. (October 19th).

As they picked up speed the wind rushed through the dog's ears. It was invigorating. She lapped up the taste of fresh sea air and howled in joy - ADVENTURE!.

A smile spread across the young man's face. For a moment, at least, he could enjoy the infectious excitement of his friend. (October 20th).

They spent day and night traveling in hope to find it. As they went further out the sea got angrier the man got more determined. He fought through the ferocious sea, too tired to think.


Oblivious to the wild weather above, the mysterious it, so sought after, so elusive, was enjoying a warm, bubbly drift current, deep underwater. His sparkling ultramarine scales camouflaged perfectly by the swirling, rippling water.

But the day was not going to pan out quite as he'd planned...
Davie was rowing ahead when he saw something in the distance.